re:settlement [part the second]

On the 6th of August 2006 cessionlcommunity celebrated its first service at our new venue 'The depot'. The depot is a building owned by the Manukau City Council and located within Lloyd Elsmore park. It is used by a bunch of different community groups including; a school for kids who have been suspended or expelled and a holiday programme for disabled children.

Of all the spaces we have worshiped in it is by far my fave.

The roof leaks, its drafty and cold and has no insulation, the toilets are regularly without toilet paper; there is a mysterious leak in the kitchen; but it has that magical thing, that thing that money can't buy - a great vibe.

Maybe its because it is the first time we have been out on our own as a church community, maybe its because of the sense of connection/affinity we seemed to have from day one with some of the other groups who use the building - I really don't know. But it is there.

In the words of Reuben Dunn "We went looking for a building and we found a community". which is of course what being the church is all about.

Here are some photos from the journey so far:

First meeting (July 30th 2006)

EPR Gig (August 18th 2006)


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