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On Saturday (last week) the Reads came around for lunch, as they were leaving I mentioned that I was going to the park to take some photos. Briahna then requested that I take a photo for her, so I said that I would take a photo for each of the Read girls.

So Hope, Aimee and Briahna these are the photos I took especially for you...I hope you all enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Miss Hope Read
Hi Hope,

the photo that I took for you is of the daffodil walkway. I love the way the trees arch over the pathway as it winds off into the beyond. I picked this photo for you 'cause it reminds of where you are at in life - on the brink of an exciting journey, who knows where life's path will lead you; it is beyond what the eye can see.

Arohanui Melissa.

Miss Briahna Read
Hi Briahna,

the photo that I took for you is of a cheeky pigeon who was vying for my attention while I was trying taking a photo of something else. He was quite cute and playful and came very close so that I could take a photo - I think he liked having his picture taken because he stayed very still. He reminded me of you because I know that you like to have your picture taken too!

Arohanui Melissa

Miss Aimee Read

Hi Aimee,

the picture that I took for you is of some flowers in the gardens at cornwall park. I picked it for you because although the flower is called a 'Bluebell' it looked very purple to me, and I know that purple is your favourite colour. I hope you like it!

Arohanui Melissa


Aimee said…
thank you Melissa - I like the picture of the Bluebell's even though I think they should be called "Purple-Bell's" :D
Briahna said…
I think the pidgeon should be named - Little Pidgeon because it looks cute!
Glen O'Brien said…
Great pictures as always. Just wanted to say thanks for providing a link to The Batcave.

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