mental competency

The last week seems to have been a little trying for my poor brain. I'm not sure exactly when it started, maybe it was forgetting communion on Sunday - and not remembering till this afternoon.

Or maybe it was when I emailed Julia and got completely confused about what month it was.

Or maybe it was when I tried to ammend this error by emailing her again - only to realise I'd emailed myself.

The real clincher though, that I had completely lost my mind, came today:

When making coffee this morning I turned on the wrong element.
Having ammended this I proceeded to make the coffee.

I put milk in Jacob's coffee.

Then at morning tea, while trying to procure additional caffeine to try and fend off my clearly deficient mental state, I entered the wrong pin on the eftpos transaction.

Later back at work, I called ACC to try and organise a return for some faulty product we had recieved from Warehouse Stationary.

Seriously, I managed all of these things in one day.

I have to say though, one of these sins is not like the others. And it had a much higher price tag. Can you guess which one?



Vania said…
im going for the milk in jacobs coffee?
onscreen said…
I guess that auction on Trade ME isn't a joke then...
jeanie said…
I'm going for the milk too.....
Jacob said…
I wasn't angry...just really disappointed.
Jacob said…

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