Hey Kids,

A bit of frivolity for you. Here is the Grand National Winner of this years 48 hour film festival. A musical called Lease. It contains my all time favourite line in a musical:

"I wish the lawn was emo too, then the grass would cut itself"

This post is dedicated to Rhett Snell.



Rhett said…
Excellent! And hey - I have that exact same Thom Yorke poster in our study!

Now which one would I be? Classic rock guy with a touch of indie and a totally unexplainable love for Matchbox 20 and John Mayer?

You and Jacob would so be represented by someone in skinny jeans, a cardigan, Converse shoes, rimmed glasses and singing in a style reminiscent of the Smiths.
BJ said…
But Jacob doesn't wear jeans. He'd have to be wearing shorts for start, with a cardy and making high pitched Moog synthesiser noises to himself...
BJ said…
And here's the weird thing: Johnny Barker (the guy in the middle) who seems to be the brains behind Team Lense Flare is aka Nurse Joey Henderson on Shortland Street who was revealed on Friday as the serial killer character in the usual shortie street cliffhanger!

Don't ask me how I know!

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