You think you know me.
You think you know.
But you are wrong about me.
So many years have past, and here I am still holding the smoking gun.
But I was not the fatal flaw in his judgement.
No, his sleep began long before he lay his head in my lap.
I’m not going to pretend that I am an innocent in all of this.
I am not.
But if things go on as they are, you’ll never understand what really happened, those fatal judgements that led him to take his own life.
Yes, his suicide.  Or did you forget?
We tend to gloss over that bit in the stories we tell our children.
No, the real flaw lay in the answer to a question:
“What makes your strength so great?”
He told me it was his hair.
And for a long time, I believed him.
But he was wrong you know.
And that’s why it’s so important that you understand.
Because we all need to know how to answer the question:
“What makes your strength so great?”


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