We (the powellritchie conclave) spent the long weekend at the Wesleyan Methodist Church National Convention. Unfortunately for me my laryngitis made participating in the way I would have liked difficult. However, despite my 'disability '; I really enjoyed the weekend and I have come away with much to think about. Some of those thoughts will probably find their way onto my blog in the next week or so, but for the moment I am still processing.

On Saturday afternoon, I wanted to attend the workshop on Cross-Cultural Ministry, but I found myself distratcted by the beauty of the campsite, so I abandoned my plans, grabbed the camera and spent the last part of the afternoon attempting to capture the atmosphere on film instead.

These are a few of the images I took:



jeanie said…
I always love the photos you take...(just not the ones of me!)
Glen O'Brien said…
Great photos, Melissa, Sorry I wasn't able to talk with you much at the Convention, with your throat and all. I would have liked to have heard about your ministry aspirations. Anyway, I've found your blog now so it's all good.
melissa said…
Kia ora Glen,

Sorry for the slow response to your comments - I'm glad you enjoyed the photos.

It was nice to meet you at convention, despite communication being something of an issue for me at the time! I have actually been reading your blog from time to time for a wee while (recommended by Jacob via Peter Dobson), so it was nice to be able to connect a face/person to your thoughts.

I really appreciated all that you shared at convention, it was challenging and refreshing, and my mind is still mulling over a number of the issues you raised. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and honesty with us. It was a real gift to me and to others from cession to hear what you had to say, especially at this particular juncture of our life as a community.


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