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Claustrophobia. I remember having this intense feeling, occasionally, growing up. At the bottom of a ruck in a schoolboy rugby game; the time my brother shut me in my wardrobe which only had a handle on the outside; once when some friends put me in the boot of their car as part of making a short film. It was feeling of being smothered, of not being able to escape, of being confronted with a situation outside of my ability to control. This very real feeling is what filmmaker Lodge Kerrigan evokes, slowly but surely, in his latest directorial effort, Keane...
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Black Gold

The first documentary on my festival list this year was Black Gold. I must admit that this was one I put on my list more because I felt I should see it (being the great consumer of coffee that I am) than because I wanted to, or thought it would be a great film. Happily for me I was proved wrong... [read more]

The Method

The Method [NEW]Marcelo Piñeyro/USA/Italy/France/2005 Worlds of DifferenceA LOW BUDGET psychological thriller which explores the dark, competitive side of human nature, a la Lord of the Flies, Piñeyro’s film does not so much stir our thinking as it does raise our eyebrows. Seven executives apply for a high level job and are put through a bizarre interview process which turns into a ramped up ego-fest competition. The ‘survival of the cruellest’ concept in itself, though not new, is certainly rich enough to support any number of explorations, but Piñeyro fails to capitalise, producing a series of ill-conceived character interactions that are neither convincing, nor particularly poignant. It plays more like a Spanish soap opera.—JP


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