pseudo holiday

I have been a bit quiet on the posting front for the past two weeks as I was busy making preparations for and being involved in the 'Pre-wedding Celebration' of some good friends of mine who are getting married in September of this year in Scotland . They wanted to do something significant for friends and family here in NZ and asked if I could help them put together a service, which was both a privilege and a lot of fun. The pseudo wedding, as it was nicknamed, took place at St Barnabas Anglican Church in Ngongotaha. I should have taken some pictures of the church - it was quite stunning; a gorgeous old wooden chapel with a beautiful stained glass window featuring St Barnabas.

After the wedding practice on Friday evening, it occurred to Jacob and me that we were now free of commitments until 4:30pm on Saturday afternoon. Nice. We took the opportunity to take a walk round the boardwalk at Lake Okareka - also gorgeous. Thank-fully we did manage to remember to take the camera with us. Here are some of the better photos...

All in all it was a lovely weekend - although I have to say I am absolutely shattered (energy wise) and my brain is toast. I feel like I could sleep for several weeks and only just be back to normal. On Sunday morning I found myself struggling to answer simple questions with any clarity - a bit embarrassing really! But I have to say it was all worth it, especially to see the warm glow emanating from the bride and bride-groom to be, dancing to the Jazz Band at the Blue Baths on Saturday night. Definitely the most gorgeous of all the sights we saw over the course of the weekend.


wotsitgonnabe said…
great photos :)

I also wanted to send a big thumbs up to Jacob who took time out of his Saturday to call Aimee, who was having a bad day. We really appreciate you guys and the love/care you have shown to our girls. :D

jacobean said…
My pleasure guys, I enjoyed the chance to say hello. In the end it didn't take much time out of my day at all. I was all geared up for a 5-10min chat and 1min later the line was clear. Probably the funniest bit was hearing Jonathan in the background instructing Aimee that she had to talk not just nod her head - go kids ay ;-).

I figure that it's good for her her to know that people other than her lovely family also think she's fab.

onscreen said…
Yeah Jacob, yo da bomb. And it's every bit as funny standing in the background watching Aimee nod her head...
Anonymous said…
Yay for a beautiful pseudo-wedding! Wish I could have been there... but hey, I will see Miss K on Thursday for 5 whole days!

Miss A

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