Disposable vs. Non Disposable

Questions to consider:

Do I need to throw this away or can it be reused by me or someone else?
Is there a non-disposable option of this item?
Do I need to throw this away and get a new one or can it be fixed?
Is there a way that I can avoid excess packaging?
Can it be recycled?
Is there are a recyclable/non-disposable option?

Ideas Explored:

Reduce or eliminate packaging on grocery items
Buying from farmers markets
Buying fresh from fruit and vege stores and butchers
Bring bags or boxes with you to the supermarket/fruit and vege store/butcher etc.
Practice Saying: "Thanks, but I don't need a bag", as often as possible!

Bulk Buying
Buy goods in bulk from bulkbins in supermarkets or specialist bulk bin stores:
You can do this with lots of dried goods like pasta, flour, sugar etc. You can also do it with herbs and spices. Some specialist stores also sell things like cooking oil, laundry powders etc in bulk by the litre or kg and most bulk stores will let you take it away in your own container/packaging - so you can keep re-using the same container.
Bulk buying also tends to be cheaper than pre-packaged options - especially when buying from specialist suppliers or wholesalers who sell to the public.
Buying meat in bulk and then freezing in smaller portions

Making wise use of excess
Freezing excess of items in season in order to have all year round
This works well with: Beans, Chillies, Capsicums - all of which can be frozen whole directly after picking. They maintain colour and flavour if frozen in well sealed containers with as much air removed as possible.
Lemon juice, grated fresh ginger, garlic that has been diced/chopped/minced in food processor can be frozen in ice trays to create small frozen portions which can be defrosted and used as needed. Once frozen the cubes can be stored in bags or containers in the freezer.
Some leafy herbs (e.g. coriander, parsley) can be roughly chopped or frozen whole (Kaffir lime leaves, Curry Leaves) in bags or containers in the freezer.

Explore Non-disposable options
Use a handkerchief instead of tissues
Try cloth nappies instead of disposables

Helpful Websites:

Rubbish-Free Year
Freeset bags
Cloth Nappy Options: Snazzipants; Real Nappies; Ecobots; Bumbles; The Nappy Network


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