Questions to consider:

Can I grow it?
Can I make it?
Can I build it?
Can I fix it?

Ideas Explored:

Growing Things
Growing vegetables etc. when you have limited space options:
Potatoes can be grown in a garbage bag
Using pots on a deck/windowsill/balcony to grow herbs (e.g. basil, rosemary etc.) or smaller vegetables (e.g. tomatoes/chillies/capsicum etc.)

Making Things vs. Buying Premade
Baking vs. buying premade biscuits/cakes etc.
Making your own pasta sauces etc.
Preserving fruit/Jam etc.
Making/Sewing cloth nappies yourself
Making christmas presents

Learn new skills
Learn to sew/bake/cook etc.
Go to a course or ask a friend to teach you

Helpful Websites:

Fabrics and patterns to make your own cloth nappies:
Green beans; The Nappy Network

How to grow potatoes in a bag
The Advent Conspiracy
How to Preserve Fruit


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