Questions to consider:

Are their resources or skills I have that I can share with others?
Is there someone I know who can teach me something new? Or someone who can help me to complete a project?
Is there a resource I have (e.g. a vegetable or herb or fruit tree) in too greater abundance to use it all myself? How can I share my excess with others?
Is there a skill I have that I could teach someone else?

Ideas explored:

Get to know your neighbours
How can you share resources with the people living closest to you?
Are there ways that you can save money/power etc. by sharing your resources creatively?
(e.g. Meal swaps - take turns at cooking double the amount. This reduces power usage, saves money on food costs (economies of scale!), and saves you time by reducing the number of times a week you cook)

Communal Living

Fix me days

Swap it
Furniture swap
Clothing swaps

Borrow it
Sharing/borrowing maternity clothes
Hand me down clothes/borrowed shared clothes for young children
Is there something you have two of where you could lend the extra to someone else?
Make use of your public library!
Hire it
Hire a handbag
Cloth nappy hire kits - check it out before buying to test out what you want/need in order to avoid buying too much or the wrong thing
Hire options for items only needed for a short period (e.g. some baby related items only used for a few months like bassinets/carry cot attachments for prams

Share it
Sharing tools
Sharing DVDS
Sharing books

Helpful Websites:

The Nappy Network


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