Questions to consider:

In what ways do I need to slow down?
What inward disciplines of 'slow' do I need to cultivate?
What outer disciplines of 'slow' do I need to consider taking up?

Ideas Explored:

Slow Travel
Use the stairs instead of the lift
Don't just jump in the car - ask yourself; Am I in a hurry? Can I walk there? Can I use public transport to get there?

Slow Food
Buy locally made
Cook twice as much and freeze the extras to use at other times
Cook for a week or a month in one sitting and freeze to use at other times
Reorganising your time so that you can bake instead of buying pre-made items
Eat/consume food slowly not in a rush

Slow Time
How much of my 'free time' do I waste watching TV, or in other tasks which don't really slow me down/relax me?
How could I use this time differently?

Slow activities
Take time to engage in activities which defy acceleration (e.g knitting, painting, model building etc.)

Helpful Websites:

Carl Honore - 'In praise of Slow'


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