Questions to Consider:

What do I need to stop doing now?
What are the attitudes I see in myself that I want to 'cease' from?
What are the practices in my life which keep them rooted in my behaviour?
What disciplines of stopping do I need to employ in my life in order to help me become free?

Ideas explored:

Stop to eat
Take time to stop and enjoy eating with family/friends rather than rushing from one thing to the next.
Sit down, eat more slowly and engage in conversation with those you care about.
Eat around the dinner table not in front of the TV

Stop and make time to exercise

Stop and think before you spend
Questions to ask before making a purchase:
Do I really need it?
Do I need to upgrade or is what I already have sufficient?
Where did this product come from? (e.g. Is the cultivation or production of this item contributing to the oppression of other human beings? Is the cultivation or production of this item causing unnecessary/disproportionate harm to other animals, plants or eco systems? How far did this product travel to get to me? Are there other options that have less negative human/environmental impact?
Is this the best use of money I have?

If you don't already have budget - stop and make one!

Helpful websites:
The Fairtrade Association of Australia and NZ

Trade Aid NZ
Marketplacers International
Wise Money


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